Suciu Dan Mircea

Suciu Dan Mircea

Director of Global Learning and Development at 3Pillar Global and Lecturer PhD at Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Babes Bolyai University Cluj Napoca, Romania. My fields of interest include databases, object oriented analysis and design and software development methodologies.
I am very passionate about video games and animated movies. linkedin twitter facebook

Speech: Best Practices in Agile

It sometimes happens that certain things appear to be very clear and obvious at a given time, but when you begin to study them closely you are surprised to find out the contrary. This also happened when, trying to study the efficiency and benefits of adhering to the good practices in Agile, adopted by certain organizations and project teams, I have reached some conclusions that are far from being considered optimistic.

The presentation is pointing out the elements that lead to the idea that applying the successful practices of other organizations/teams in implementing Agile to your own project team can bring more disadvantages than advantages.

A first outcome is acknowledge the idea that the best practices in managing software projects doesn’t help very much and may even cause harm. A worst practices set would be much more useful to anyone who is responsible of managing IT projects.

Another outcome is a mere reiteration of a fact most people seem to have forgotten: there is no Agile formula. Agile is basically a set of values and principles and if someone cannot imagine ways of organizing a project team around these values and principles, then we can say that the person is not Agile. This thing is very important to understand in a time when many people become rigid in advocating a unique manner of being Agile.