Matti Schneider

Matti Schneider

Transdisciplinary engineer.
Building software, studying humans, designing interactions, thinking society.
Current main occupation: updating the French government. linkedin

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Speech: Improve collaboration in guerilla user testing

Description of talk: „Guerilla user testing” is a recurrent theme in Lean Startup and Lean UX. The idea is that user tests are more efficient and less costly with direct contact on the field, with little preparation, rather than in usability labs.
Indeed, only courage, openness and strong observation abilities are needed to discuss a value proposition, evaluate prototypes and iterate over wireframes. With those and a little imagination, a train station, a bar, a conference can all become excellent testing contexts.
However, this approach usually shows its limits when the time comes to share observations between team members. Most often, the time saved in preparing is spent in synchronizing.
We used this approach to design web applications targeting young and isolated people, with teams of 6 people meeting more than 40 people in sessions of 3 to 5 days. We found representations and schedules that greatly improve collaboration on making the observations actionable.
I will first present these artefacts, then will facilitate a collaborative improvement session to ease their adoption.