Andrej Ruckij

Andrej Ruckij

Crunching complexity on a daily basis. Always focused on value creation for stakeholders rather than perfect process implementation. Have deep and broad understanding of software process, planning, organizing various areas of management and business as a whole. Result and customers oriented, passionate team leader with a technical background and mindset of product manager.
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SPEECH: Agile (Network) organisation. Is it a myth?

Tayloristic organization is something we are used to see in most places. Common attributes of such organizations: sequential development, high level of paperwork, focus on resource efficiency, functional KPIs and etc. Want to share an idea about alternative ways of designing organization which fits better such conditions from my point of view: dynamic growth, agility and continuous improvement, competition at a high level. Will explain why decided to go this way, will share personal experience and lessons learned.
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Agile (Network) organisation. Is it a myth?