Once upon a time, the World Corporate Inc. was King and the race for becoming gigantic and almighty was the sole goal of every company.
Then, entrepreneurs and startups appeared, and changed the game! Like barbarians, they just didn’t care about the conventions. Their motto: „“break the rules, smash the World Corporate Inc. & fit the needs of somebody forgotten by the World Corporate Inc.: The Client.
And they already succeeded. Remember… Kodak, Nokia, Cab companies.
The World Corporate Inc. is leading many economic sectors: transportation, media, finance, energy. But competitors are here and growing fast, Fintech startups, Spotify, Netflix, Uber, Tesla,…
Let’s play the CorpUp game together! The goal: How fast will new startup ventures, and their entrepreneurs eat the World Corporate Inc.? Will you manage to change the future?
How can we do that? We’ve got a superpower called CorpUp! The capability to atomize large business units, empower people within the company and make them real entrepreneurs. Be faster than barbarians, use their own weapons, build and grow startups within the World Corporate Inc. and smash them! Now, it’s your turn!
Of course, we could have just talked about these changes, intrapreneur ventures, and corporate startup journeys. But we believe that living all these things together during a captivating game is a much better way to share these experiences.
You need more than words, and you want to be part of a team who aim to change the world of large companies. Just join us and play with us for serious results!“
This game is in fact pretty serious. It’s about building and growing startups within large organizations.
We will go through, Lean Startup, Co-design with end-users, Agile fundaments, continuous delivery, Evidence based management and much more.

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