Kinshasa simulation is a workshop meant to practice the tools and techniques of Agile Project Management in a safe controlled environment.
The main purpose of this simulation is to experience the operation of specific projects managed in the agile way. The workshop shows behaviour consistent with the spirit of agile approaches such as collaboration, effective communication, taking responsibility for the decisions taken. They are used in the simulation, among other concepts such as: timebox, increment, stand-up, iteration, and MoSCoW. Participants take the project roles which allow them to learn responsibilities and tools associated with them.
During the simulation we participate in a project of traveling through Western Africa with teams composed of motorcyclists and car support. Your task is to make a film from that journey. The goal of the project is passing a route with the specified start and end and intermediate points that meet specific criteria.
Because we are dealing with the simulation, both the journey and filming will not be going on in a real world. They will be simulated with the help of maps, checkers, event cards etc. True instead will be the excitement! The team taking part in this simulation will be able to make their independent decisions about routes, equipment and resposes to events. It will also bear the consequences of their choices.A sense of cooperation and win or defeat will definitely be real.

After the simulation, participants will be convinced that they not only know the concepts and basic principles of Agile Project Management, but they also understand them and know how to apply them in their own projects.

Workshop duration: 3 hours.

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