Laimonas Marcinkevičius

Laimonas Marcinkevičius

Dr. Laimonas Marcinkevičius is a lawyer and project manager with 20 years’ experience as a law firm managing partner and team leader in clients’ projects and business optimisation processes. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Lithuanian Project Management Association (LPMA) and regularly delivers lectures on project and programme legal risk management to both private clients and the public sector. In 2016, Dr. Marcinkevičius defended his doctoral thesis on Regulatory Framework and Applicable Law for International Joint Ventures (Teisė, 01 S).

He consults on issues of contract law, investment, taxation, business and companies, primarily to local and foreign investors, organisations engaged in project implementation and private clients, offering expertise in the fields of company risk management, legal audit and management of other legal projects with exclusive insights on acquisition, risk management and problem situation strategies.

In 2009, JURIDICON, the law firm under his management, presented its Law for Business project to the Knowledge Economy Company 2009 Awards and reached the final selection stage as one of the fourteen most innovative companies in Lithuania.

SPEECH:  Legal risks management in contracting for agile software development projects

Agile project methods are used more and more often and have become indispensable in the IT field. Agile processes allow for changing requirements over time and emphasize close cooperation between the contractor ant the customer as well as promote early product delivery and continuous improvement.
However, contracting for agile software development projects can still be a challenge, since it requires new approaches not only in practical implementation of agile methodology, but also from a legal point of view.