Arūnas Vilčinskas

Arūnas Vilčinskas

Arunas has over ten years of experience in managing product development and infrastructure delivery for various markets: entertainment, social, banking, data centres and credit. After several years working as System administrator and Web developer Arunas has changed his career path to product and project delivery. He started his managing work in entertainment business as Project coordinator in cinema software development area.

In early 2010 Arunas moved to the banking sector as Technology project manager and was working on data centres’ migrations, CreditCard and Online payments’ projects. He was utilising methodologies such as Scrum and PMI to ensure the success of software and infrastructure delivery.

For the past four years Arunas is working at “Callcredit Information Group” that specialises in database marketing solutions, credit referencing and software analytics and fraud. Arunas is managing delivery process for two delivery teams who are working in Fraud and ID product development department. A year ago company has switched from project focused DSDM Atern methodology to more product oriented Scrum delivery. Arunas is currently helping to drive forward “Callcredit Information Group” transformation into a product-focussed agile organisation.

Arunas is also actively participating in Lithuania Agile community by sharing Agile and delivery knowledge at events for Agile user groups and Agile community.

SPEECH: Agile is like cooking!

As title says it’s a lot about cooking and baking so there should be some food involved right!?  Get your brains and stomach ready! This workshop unveils the main principals of Kanban and Lean methodologies. It gives everyone a chance to put hands on base elements used across few agile methods. You will practice on setting delivery workflow, organising your work, understanding rules of work in progress and team adaptation. During workshop you will play a game and will find out what Kanban feels like in practice. The game will help to understand similarities and differences among various Agile methods and hopefully to find out some useful techniques and adopt them in your organisation.