Andrii Dzynia

Andrii Dzynia

Andrii is a software engineer at Spotify. His main activities are centered around test automation, testing, and quality improvements. Prior to joining Spotify, Andrii had been working for travel, telecom and media companies. Helping to improve test automation infrastructure and testing practices remains his main focus. Andrii regularly speaks about technical aspects of building high-quality products and lean processes.

SPEECH: Test coaching your agile team

Testing is probably the most misunderstood concept in software engineering. Many still believe that testing is simply a verification of actual and expected results in pre-defined set of test scenarios. I wish to know earlier how wrong this statement is.

Conversations about testing can be seen wide, ambiguous, and hard to facilitate. But when done properly show prominent results.

You start from quality. Addressing questions like. What does quality mean for us? Who owns it? Who is responsible for quality improvements? There is no single answer to every team. Each has to come up with their own definition, which works in their particular situation.

Testing is not a measure for quality, but rather a set of activities and preparations to increase a level of confidence before releasing. You cannot simply state that after verifying 1000 test scenarios the whole product behaves as expected.

During this presentation I will share key findings which I think are the most important ones to get almost any engineering team on the right track towards improving productivity and released product quality. There is no single rule to rule them all, but experience-based patterns.